Imbibing tea is a most pleasurable and health promoting ritual!

     Teas, also called infusions, or when boiled for longer decoctions, are a blessedly simple and time-honored way to support wellbeing. Many herbs are very water-soluble and give up their good medicines easily in this way.

     Singing Spring’s teas are handcrafted, in small batches with the finest quality ingredients. The herbs are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. Our teas are also "loose-leaf" as this way of keeping herbs assures unrivaled efficacy. There is no comparison between this type of tea and manufactured bagged teas. When herbs are processed so, chopped almost to dust, to be fit into tea bags, they oxidize quickly, loosing their flavor and medicinal value. In contrast, you can actually see the colorful, individual herbs in our blends. They swell and almost come back to life while steeping. We make batches of tea many times throughout the year to ensure this kind of freshness. These teas never sit on the shelves of a store, or on our shelves long for that matter.

     To maintain the freshness and potency of your tea, we recommend storing them in a cool dark cupboard, in their resealable bag, or in a glass jar. We also recommend using your tea up in one year so you'll receive it's full benefits, though the shelf-life is quiet a bit longer.

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