Salves, Butters & Balms

 Salves soothe with a smooth consistency, rub in the goodness!

     Salves, balms and ointments are different names for the same preparation. They are made by first infusing oil with medicinal herbs. This infusion process takes time to reach full strength, then it is pressed. To this now medicinal oil beeswax is added for it’s soothing protective quality and to give a firmness to the mix.

     Singing Spring's salves, butters and balms are handcrafted, in small batches, using time honored methods from the finest quality ingredients. The herbs are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. We never rush the extraction process either. We feel it takes one lunar cycle to create a most powerful extract, so this we do for assurance. We make batches of salve many times throughout the year to ensure freshness and potency. We add pure essential oils to our salves to increase their medicinal benefits and for their aroma. The result is a lovely smelling salve with a smooth consistency making it easy and pleasant to apply. 

     To maintain the salves potency, we recommend storing them in a cool dark cupboard. We also recommend using your salve within one year so you'll receive it's full benefits, though the shelf life is quiet a bit longer. 

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