Liniments are a quick and easy way to apply herbal extracts topically!

     Liniments, like tinctures, utilize alcohol to extract and preserve the medicinal constituents of herbs. The only difference between the two is that a liniment refers to an alcohol extract for external use only. Liniments are quiet concentrated and are a useful addition to any home medicine cabinet. Because they are alcohol based, they are readily absorbed through the skin. When sprayed on they offer instant relief for pain, sore muscles, bruises, and sprains and are a practical method for treating fungal infections. Another plus is they will not get clothes or bed sheets oily. 

     Singing Spring's liniments are handcrafted, in small batches, using time honored methods and the finest quality ingredients. The herbs are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. We never rush the extraction process either. We feel it takes two lunar cycles to create a most powerful extract, so this we do for assurance. Thought not commonly available today, liniments have a long tradition of use for pain and there were many in the US Pharmacopeia at one time. Most companies used rubbing alcohol as the base for their liniments. This is one thing we decided to improve on. Because our skin absorbs what we put on it, we make our liniments with alcohol that is for drinking even though they are for external use.

     To maintain optimal potency, we recommend storing your liniments in a cool dark cupboard. We also recommend using them within one to two years so you'll receive their full benefits, though the shelf life is much longer.

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