Infused Oils & Serums

Infused oils and serums utilize the unctuous nature of oils to deliver botanical constituents to the skin.

     Oils are a wonderful method for applying herbal remedies to the skin. By their nature oils are soothing and moisturizing and are readily absorbed. When infused with specific botanicals they have an increased medicinal value. Infused oils are made by adding finely chopped medicinal herbs to an oil. Then, the mix is heated gently for one lunar cycle. Heating the oils with the herbs draws the medicinal constituents of the herbs into the oil. This proccess is similar to making a batch of tea, but much more laborious. When the infusion is ready, it is then pressed to remove all the plant material and is then strained. The result is a lovely medicinal oil. To this other preparations may be added such as vitamins or pure essential oils.

     Singing Spring's infused oils and serums are handcrafted, in small batches, using time honored methods from the finest quality ingredients. The herbs we use are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. The oils we use are also certified organic and are cold pressed and unrefined. This gentle way of extracting plant oils is the only way they end up maintaining their essential fatty acids which are one of their most beneficial and nourishing properties. These oils cost much more but we wouldn't choose inferior ones because there is no comparison. We never rush the extraction process for our infusions either and we make batches of the serums and oils many times throughout the year to ensure freshness and potency. We add pure essential oils to our oils preparations to increase their medicinal benefits even further, and to impart them with wonderful aromas. The results are lovely smelling, humectant medicinals that impart health and radiace or work to soothe and heal.

     To maintain freshness and optimal potency, we recommend storing your oils and serums in a cool dark cupboard, or in the refigerator if not in use. We also recommend using them within one year so you'll receive their full benefits.

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