Herbal Powders & Rasayanas

Herbal powders are simple effective medicines that are easy to use and easily assimilable! 

     When dried herbs are crushed they become powder. Powdered preparations are used internally to restore balance at a common dose of ½ tsp. twice a day. They may also be used externally to create a quick poultice or wash. Herbal powders can easily be mixed with a carrier such as ghee, honey, water, aloe vera juice or milk. Depending on the desired effect of the remedy one of the above carriers will be ideal. Powders may also be put into caps for ease of ingesting. The ancient and wise system of medicine from India, the Ayurvedic pharmacy, utilizes some unique powders for specific uses. We find some of these particularly indispensible and offer them to you.

     Singing Spring’s herbal powders are handcrafted, in small batches with the finest quality ingredients. The herbs are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. We make batches of powder many times throughout the year to ensure freshness.

     To maintain potency, we recommend storing powders in the refrigerator, as they do not have as long of a shelf life as tinctures or whole herbs. We also recommend using them within one year so you'll receive their full benefits. They will not go bad per se but loose their efficacy.

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