“In the garden of the senses lies the pathway to the spirit.” Breathe in the gifts of an aromatic treasure! 

     Essential oils are the volatile oils of plants. They give plants their characteristic odors. The use of these oils therapeutically constitutes the art and science of Aromatherapy. There are two main ways to use aromatherapy, the most simple is through inhalation alone, and the other is through application of the oils to the skin. Both have profound effects on the physiology and on the mind.

     Singing Spring’s aromatherapy products are handcrafted, in small batches with the finest quality ingredients. The herbs used are always certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested, at their peak of potency, from the most vibrant and healthy plants. In all cases the essential oils we use are from steam distillations. Many essential oils available on the market are not extracted this way but are extracted with chemicals such as hexane. We do not use this type. As for our hydrosols, also known as flower waters, they are produced in the same manner as the oils, from steam distillation. Steam-distilled hydrosols contain all the beneficial components that whole plant materials offer. They have similar properties to essential oils but are much less concentrated and can be safely misted over the body and face. We offer these hydrosols and essential oil blends to facilitate respiration, provide inspiration, and to calm.

     To preserve these precious aromatics, we recommend storing them in a cool dark cupboard when not in use. We also recommend using any aromatherapy products within one year so you'll receive their full benefits. If stored carefully their shelf life is quiet a bit longer.

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